Anna Lascari

Photo: Chris Doulgeris



174 cm x 400 cm
Neocolor II on Somerset 300 g

Suspended Forces
a.antonopoulou art, Athens 
Text by: Daphne Dragona

Photo: Chris Doulgeris

Anna Lascari’s new body of work, Suspended Forces, refers to the contemporary multitude, its ambivalence and irresolute way of being. Bearing in mind that the concept of multitude – as Paolo Virno refers to it – cannot but contain consent and conflict, resistance and destruction, the artist points afresh to the image of a swarm in order to reflect on these opposing forces, and to inscribe the con-formation of this multitude in our existing reality.

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Installation shot. Photo: Chris Doulgeris

Photo: Chris Doulgeris

Anna Lascari ― Forecast