Anna Lascari

Rattling Frames

Rattling Frames 2022 270 x 300 x 7 cmMetal, pulp, satin threads and tablet  Weaving Worlds2022ACG Art Gallery, Deree – The American College of Greece Curator: Daphne Dragona Rattling Frames is the work of collective experience and memory of the pandemic. It was conceptualized and initiated by Anna Lascari as an online open archive. Anna Lascari […]

3:45; 4:30; 7:30

Anna Lascari ― 3:45; 4:30; 7:30 3:45; 4:30; 7:30 4 Drawings #1 2021 70 X 50 cmTempera on Arches 300gr CC2021CallirrhoëCurator: Olympia Tzortzi Private Collection #2 2021 70 X 50 cmTempera on Arches 300gr Private Collection #3 2022 70 X 50 cmTempera on Arches 300gr Private Collection #4 2021 70 X 50 cmTempera on Arches […]

4:30; 7:30; 8:00

4:30; 7:30; 8:00 2 Drawings #1 2022 75 x 57 cm Tempera on Somerset 180 gr Private Collection #2 2022 75 x 57 cm Tempera on Somerset 180 gr Private Collection Back to Works Anna Lascari ― 4:30; 7:30; 8:00

Proliferation of Possibles

Proliferation of Possibles 2019 110 x 200 x 80 cmWood, polyethylene, paint on PVC, plaster, artificial plant and screen Agapi (or Ghosts of a Non-Place)2019 and 2020Bageio, Omonia, AthensConcept, direction, curation: Eleni Kalara Anna Lascari ― Proliferation of Possibles Back to Works

The Birds Are Caught Again

The Birds are Caught Again 2017 150 x  80 x 46 cmMetal, aluminum, resin, cheesecloth, papier mâché, plaster, paraffin and glass  ANTIQUIDIA 2017a.antonopoulou. art, Athens Text: Panos Giannikopoulos Impulses of inalienability2018Eins gallery, Limassol, Cyprus In SlitBack to Athens 82021Curator: Hara Piperidou  Anna Lascari returns to the concept of a swarm in an attempt to trace the configuration […]

Left of the Parthenon

Left of the Parthenon 2015 3D animation: duration 02:07animation: onionskin I Bienal del Sur: Pueblos en Resistencia -1st Biennale of South: People in Resistance- Caracas, Venezuela 2015 Oh that I had a Thousand Tongues2018Tinos Quarry Platform, Tinos, GreeceCurator: Nikola Dietrich Theorimata2018EMST-National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens, GreeceAn exhibition of AICA-HellasCurator: Sozita Goudouna  “Left of the Parthenon” […]

Incessant Buzzing

Incessant Buzzing 2013 234 x 456 x 256 cmGiluform, cloth, plaster, pigments, leather, metal, wood, cement, rubber, aluminum wire, copper, cobblestones and print VIOLENCE (?)2013CAID – Societas, Scientia et Ars, AthensCurator: Maria Maragou If separation or detachment involves violence, a connection can produce the maximum explosion.“Incessant Buzzing” began with the question: what would happen if […]


Photo: Kostantina Theodorou Octopus 2013 22 x 100 x 35 cmCloth, plaster, pigments and aluminum wire  Zoo2013Martinos Pindarou Art Gallery, Athens Private collection Photo: Kostantina Theodorou Photo: Kostantina Theodorou Anna Lascari ― Octopus​ Back to Works

Wonder Povera

Display A: 180 pieces, 6.5 x 218 x 122 cm Wonder Bread, sealed with the synthetic resin Paraloid B72, and Toy Soldiers 2002-2007 Wonder Povera various elements ‘Wonder Povera’, which refers to the war culture as it developed in post WW II America, was initiated by the solid drumbeat of a call for violent reaction, […]

Rattling Frames

Rattling Frames Interactive Website 2021 Rattling Frames addresses a shared global experience. Through a participatory archive, it examines the images of public space which emerged during the lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It collects videos of public space, isolated and disconnected from any common function It captures the emotional imprint of Athens under lockdown. […]