Anna Lascari

The Birds are Caught Again


150 x  80 x 46 cm
Metal, aluminum, resin, cheesecloth, papier mâché, plaster, paraffin and glass 

a.antonopoulou. art, Athens 
Text: Panos Giannikopoulos

Impulses of inalienability
Eins gallery, Limassol, Cyprus

In Slit
Back to Athens 8
Curator: Hara Piperidou 

Anna Lascari returns to the concept of a swarm in an attempt to trace the configuration of the multitude in present-day. In this work, the swarm is implied in the title of the piece itself; the image of the birds dissipates and the oversized forms which abstractly allude to fragments of wings, hang inertly.

The menacing and organised swarm of black birds in the homonymous animation, Swarm (2010), has turned —in the large black and white drawing, Forecast (2013)— into a disorderly swarm of birds which invaded the private space disrupting its balance and imposing new unorthodox formations. 

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Anna Lascari ― The Birds are Caught Again