Anna Lascari

Photo: Chris Doulgeris

Three Songs


A four-chamber structure with sound and video

260 x 169 cm
Wood, Cables, Speakers, PVC, Stainless Steel, Neon, Mirror, Video, Sound, TV and
DVD Player, 

a.antonopoulou art
Curator: Christoforos Marinos


Photo: Chris Doulgeris

Photo: Chris Doulgeris

Heard in the Dark

We can never see past the choices we don’t understand – The Oracle, The Matrix

Imagination at wit’s end spreads its sad wings – Samuel Beckett

Describing Company (1979), one of Samuel Beckett’s later and less known prose pieces, the scholar Dirk Van Hulle notes: ‘Beckett started writing Company in May 1977. In August the actor David Warrilow asked Beckett if he wanted to write a play for him; on the first of October Beckett wrote a letter to Warrilow suggesting a central theme: “My birth was my death”, emphasizing the undeniable fact that each person happens to be born at the very moment his process of dying begins’. ¹

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Photo: Chris Doulgeris

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Anna Lascari ― Three Songs