Anna Lascari

Athens Report

Photos: Anna Lascari | Zafeiris Haitidis | Anna Lascari Athens Report Interactive Website 2015 “Athens Report” is an interactive documentary and installation project, using digital media and the Internet to collect and archive interviews, video, photographs and graffiti of life and protest in Athens during the Greek debt crisis. Go to Website Editor: Anna Lascari […]

Rattling Frames

Rattling Frames Interactive Website 2021 Rattling Frames addresses a shared global experience. Through a participatory archive, it examines the images of public space which emerged during the lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It collects videos of public space, isolated and disconnected from any common function It captures the emotional imprint of Athens under lockdown. […]

Random Identity Forum

Random Identity Forum Interactive Website 2021 RIF (Random Identity Forum) challenges the notion of a representative flag based on a shared European Union identity. Instead, it provides participants with an interactive forum in which to create their own flag based on their political, national and social beliefs and prejudices. RIF allows people to participate in, […]

Cargonauts – The Demo

Cargonauts – The Demo Online Video Game 2015 Cargonauts is part of Logistical Worlds project. The imperial infrastructure of logistical apparatuses – ports, railways, warehouses, software – inspire unforeseen acts of sabotage, which gives rise to an informal economy of scrap metal work. The subject of labour escapes regimes of measure special to software operations designed to […]