Anna Lascari

PHOTO: Thanasis Gatos

Allusive Sketches, Perhaps


250X370X250 cm
Wood, metal, print, paint and polyethylene

This Current Between Us
Historic Steam Electric Station of PPC, Neo Faliro, Athens
Curators: Panos Giannikopoulos | Georgia Liapi
Concept, research, coordination: Eleni Kalara

Collection: Public Power Corporation S.A.  

PHOTO: Thanasis Gatos

Allusive sketches, perhaps is a mnemonic work; desire has penetrated its surfaces, and by breaking up the shapes it has freed memory. Fragmentary parts, fragments that hint the whole from which they originate, mostly two-dimensional, sometimes suspended and sometimes precariously supported, dead and phobic, prompt a grimy reading.

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PHOTO: Thanasis Gatos

Anna Lascari ― Allusive Sketches, Perhaps