Lives and works in Athens and in New York City

solo exhibitions
2018 extreme singularities a.antonopoulou art, Athens, Greece
2013 suspended forces, a.antonopoulou art, Athens, Greece
2010 PINK, a.antonopoulou art, Athens, Greece
2002 Women-at-Arms, Washington Shakespeare Company, Washington, DC
2001 Flesh of the Dress, Egizio's Project, New York, NY
1999 Skin Deep, Bronx River Art Center and Gallery, New York, NY
1997 shoes, window installation, Barneys, New York, NY
1996size 10, Kreonides gallery, Athens, Greece
1995 patterns, Adelphi University, New York, NY
1993 Women Biographies, Kreonides gallery, Athens, Greece
selected group exhibitions and participations
2018 Oh that I had a thousand tongues, Tinos Quarry Platform, curated by Nikola Dietrich, Tinos, Greece
Theorimata, an exhibition of AICA-Hellas, National Museum of Contemporary Art (EMST) Athens, Greece
Impulses of inalienability, Eins gallery, Limassol, Cyprus
2017 Face to Phase, curated by Tzeni Argyriou and Vassilis Gerodimos, A.S.F.A. Athens School of Fine Arts − "Nikos Kessanlis"Exhibition Hall, Athens, Greece ANTIQUIDIA, a.antonopoulou art, Athens, Greece
The Apatride Society of the Political Others: Piraeus Port as Entry Point of Global Capitalism, Public Programs, Documenta 14, Athens, Greece
Where is the problem? 'Empathy - apathy', curated by Dr. Eva Kekou, Beton7 Gallery, Athens, Greece
2016 PIIGS | (IM)MATERIAL GESTURES, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin, Italy
Nice! an exhibition and a book, produced by Salon De Vortex Cultural Center Manos Loizos, Nikea
2015 I Bienal del Sur: Pueblos en Resistencia,(First Biennale of South: People in Resistance) Caracas, Venezuela
CAPTURE ALL. Cargonauts the demo, a 3d serious game, part of the Logistical Worlds project.
Curatorial team: Daphne Dragona, Kristoffer Gansing, Robert Sakrowski, Marcel Schwierin. TRANSMEDIALE/festival 2015 Berlin, Germany.
2014 …do delay, part of the exhibition project Treasure Island, produced by pick nick, Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre, Nicosia, Cyprus.
Passport Please produced by Libby Sacer Foundation, Cheapart resident 2014, cheapart art space, Athens, Greece
2013 4th Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art. The Mediterranean Experience: The Mediterranean as a spatial paradigm for the circulation of ideas and meaning. An introduction. Curated by Denys Zacharopoulos. Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Greece
Violence (?), conceived and curated by Maria Marangou. CAID - Societas, Scientia et Ars, Athens, Greece
Microgeographies II: An Accidental Guide to Urban Commoning,
curated by Hariklia Haris. CAMP Contemporary Art Meeting Point, Athens, Greece
2012The Garden of Eden, presented by Tjorg Douglas Beer. Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France
To the Limits of Togetherness, produced by The Symptom Project, curated by Kostis Stafylakis, Amfissa, Greece
Neighborhood X.0, an exhibition on the project ARTUP! curated by Ege Berensel, Goethe Institute, Ankara, Turkey
The vitrina project, produced by OpenShowStudio, Athens, Greece
Holidays in Greece, STUDIOvisits, Berlin
Neue Klarheit (New Clarity), vkunst Frankfurt, Germany
2011 Animacall, curated by Syrago Tsiara, Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki, Warehouse B1, Greece
Art Ahina, Onasis Cultural Centre, Athens, Greece; a.antonopoulou art, Athens, Greece
2010 Visual Dialogues, produced by the Onasis Cultural Centre, curated by Marilena Karra, Syntagma Square metro station, Athens, Greece
Art Ahina, a.antonopoulou art, Athens, Greece
2009 Visionary Drawing Building, a collection of drawings envisioning speculative architecture. Matt Bua, Mass Moca, Massachusetts.
2008 Illuminators, curated by Arseny Sergeyev, Koltsovo airport, Yekaterinburg, Russia
N+1/2008, Budapest Spring Festival, produced by ArtPool, Budapest, Hungary
WO [+] MAN, 6th Art Festival for Human Rights, curated by Kostas Theonas, Athens, Greece
2007 The Seed Project, organized and curated by David Cohen, Winkleman Gallery,
New York, NY
WO[+]MAN, 5th Art Festival for Human Rights, curated by Kostas Theonas, Athens, Greece
2006 Anthropocentrisms, curated by Anna Printezi, United BAC 06, Barcelona
Her Shorts festival, Plugged Video Collective, Tucson, Arizona
Micropolis video festival, Athens, Greece
2005 Unclaimed Luggage, Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid
2003 Penelopeia: The Other Project, curated by Zoe Kosmidou, The IMF Auditorium and Atrium gallery, Washington, DC
2002 New York Vision, curated by Samantha Francisco, Merrick gallery, St. Petersburg, Florida
Women at the Millennium, Berkeley University, California
Changed Landscapes, Elsa Mott Ives gallery, New York, NY
2000Women, Egizio's Project, New York, NY
1999 Foot-Ware, Budapest Autumn Festival, produced by Artpool, Budapest, Hungary
1998Fashioned, curated by KOOH, White Box, New York, NY
Fashioned, curated by KOOH, White Box, Philadelphia, PA
1997Art & Activist Posters 1951-1997, Exit Art, New York, NY
1994 Underground Images, projections in public space, sponsored by MTA, Arts for Transit, curated by Anna Lascari. Franklin Street Exhibition Center, New York, NY
1992 …By Foul Subtraction, The AIDS Body Bag Project, curated by Bob Costa, Jersey City State College, Jersey City, NJ
Art Around The Park, public intervention, Tompkins Square Park, New York, NY
1990Public Mirror: Artists Against Racial Prejudice, Clocktower New York, NY
China: June 4th 1899,,” curated by the Asian American Art Center, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong
traveling exhibitions

A Distinct Grace, A breast cancer awareness exhibition, curated by Paulette Singer
2002University Art Gallery, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM
1999Ronald Gibson Gallery, The Art Museum of S.U.N.Y College, Potsdam, NY
1998Ballator Gallery, Hollins College, Roanoke, Virginia
1996The Firehouse Art Gallery, Nassau Community College, Garden City, NY
1995Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Boulder, Colorado
China: June 4th 1989, Memorial exhibition organized and produced by the Asian American
Art Center
1994Buckham Gallery, Flint, MI
1992Cleveland Institute of Arts, Cleveland, OH
Mexic-Arte Museum, Austin, TX
1991P.S.1 Museum, New York, NY
1990Asian America Arts Centre, New York, NY
1989Blum Hellmann Warehouse Gallery, New York, NY
other exhibitions

Red Spot Outdoor Slide Theater, a public interventions organization based in New York City.
Founder, Alan Dougherty. Artistic Director, Anna Lascari
1992 The Last Slide Show, curated by Anna Lascari, Palladium, New York, NY
1990The Famous Show, New York, NY
1989 Talking Walls Show,curated by Anna Lascari, New York, NY
1988Intersection Opera, New York, NY
1987The Wrong Show, curated by Anna Lascari, New York, NY
1985The In and Out Show, New York, NY
1984The Acetate Show, New York, NY
Collaborative Projects-COLAB
1991Evocation, curated by Anna Lascari, HOME, New York, NY
1990 Beyond Boundaries: A World Mosaic Black and White in Color gallery,
Bronx, NY
1989The Prisoners of Art, The Police Building, New York, NY
Billnas Art Show, a collaborative show with the artist group MUU RY,
Helsinki, Finland
1988Extinction, Fashion Moda, New York, NY
2002Stavros S. Niarchos Foundation, New York, NY
1994MTA /Arts in Transit, New York, NY
catalogues / publications
Oh that I had a thousand tongues, catalogue, text by Nikola Dietrich, Tinos, Greece
Theorimata, catalogue, Athens, Greece
Where is the problem? 'Empathy - apathy', catalogue, text by Dr. Eva Kekou, Athens, Greece
Nice! Is Return Possible?, a salon de vortex publication, Athens, Greece
I Bienal del Sur: Pueblos en Resistencia, catalogue, Caracas, Venezuela
The Mediterranean Experience: The Mediterranean as a spatial paradigm for the circulation of ideas and meaning. An introduction, by Denys Zacharopoulos, catalogue, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Greece
Violence (?),catalogue, Athens, Greece
Suspended Forces by Daphne Dragona, catalogue essay for the exhibition Suspended Forces, a.antonopoulou art, Athens, Greece
Architectural Inventions: Visionary Drawings, By Matt Bua and Maximillian Goldfarb, Laurence King Publishing, UK
Neighborhood X.0, catalogue, Goethe Institute, Ankara, Turkey
Neue Klarheit (New Clarity), catalogue, vkunst Frankfurt, Germany
Animacall The Animation Project 2011, catalogue, Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki, Greece
Heard in the Dark, by Christopher Marinos, catalogue essay for the exhibition PINK a.antonopoulou art, Athens, Greece
Illuminators, catalogue, Yekaterinburg, Russia
The 2007 Almanac of Political Art, e. by Sophie Hope, London, UK
Artworld Digest, Images, New York, NY
Chadors and Graffiti, EU Flags and Iconic Bodies: Four Contemporary Visual Artists, by Maria Petrides, Opticon 1826, London, UK
The Power of Visual Logos: Greek Women Artists, e. by Zoë Kosmidou, ICAN, Washington, DC
Artists of the 20th Century, Melissa Publishing House, Athens, Greece
Fashioned, catalogue, essay by Bill Arning, New York, NY
Size 10, by Dora Iliopoulou-Rogan, catalogue essay for the exhibition Size 10, Athens, Greece
selected press
Popaganda, Athens, 20.12.2016, interview by Ilia Boura
Athinorama, Athens, 24/11/2016 interview by Despoina Zefkili
2015 MAKERY, McKenzie Wark: “You don’t just need to hack to be a hacker” published 9 February 2015, by Ewen Chardronnet (photo)
2013My Art Guides, The Mediterranean Experience, categories/art/item/1519
Efimerida ton Syntakton, Athens, October 2013, by Vassiliki Tzevelekou
Eleftherotypia, Athens, March 2013, review by Maria Maragou
2011 Athens Voice, Athens, cover, issue 349
2010 Seven, Eleftherotypia, Athens, November 21, 2010, text by Paris Spinou
ΑΩ international online magazine, issue 16, November, 2010, text by Marilena Karra
ARTPULSE, New York, Vol. 1 No. 4 Summer 2010, review by Dimitra Kollerou
Eleftherotypia, Athens, February 2010, review by Maria Maragou
To Pontiki, Athens, January 11, 2010, review by Yannis Koukoulas
City Uncovered, Athens, January 2010, review by Andrea Gilbert
The New York Times, New York, May 7 1999, text by Holland Cotter
Philadelphia City Paper, Philadelphia, May 2 1998, review by David Warner
ARTnews, New York, September 1997, text by Stephan Greco
Eleftherotypia, Athens, March 21 1996, review by Maria Maragou
The Art Magazine, Athens, No 23 1996, review by Roula Gaki-Pandeli
Downtown, New York May 27 1992, text by Gary Azon
Eleftherotypia, Athens, October 2 1992, text by Stavroula Panagiotakis
New York Newsday, New York, September 5 1989, text by Amei Wallach
Tachidromos June 11 1983, Athens, text by Stavroula Panagiotakis